Private Browsing For Business Owners Why it’s Important

Why Business Owners Should Use Private BrowsingBusiness owners will search their top key phrases to see how their site is performing in the returns. If they’re not using a “private browser” they’re not seeing accurate results. Browsers have what’s called a “browser caching” function built into them. And unknown to your average person, this useful function built in by the browser programmers to make life easier on us, can and does skew results.

Are the search returns you’re seeing accurate?

Your browser will store websites that you visit on the hard drive of your computer. That way when you search that key phrase again it doesn’t have to download the sites you visited a second time. This frees up a lot of bandwidth over the WWW and makes the whole thing run faster and smoother. It also places the same returns you see higher every time you do it. After all if you liked it enough to have clicked on it before and have it in your browser cache, then obviously you want to see it again while searching so they place it higher in the returns where it’s easier for you to find.

The problem is that a potential client looking for your products or services doesn’t have your site stored in their computers cache. Chances are extremely high that this is the first time they’ve searched for that particular product or service. What they will see are clean, non cached returns from their browser.

Any good business owner will check their business websites position often. The more you check it, the higher it will place in the returns the next time you search. But it only looks this way on your computer, nobody else sees what you’re seeing because they don’t search your keywords regularly. We’ve been on appointments where the business owner proudly shows their high search rankings to us. Only to turn around and be shocked after a brief description on how browsers work, followed by seeing the same search performed with a private browser being used.

How to avoid seeing browser cache when searching?

It’s easy!

With FireFox at the top left menu area click FILE – select NEW PRIVATE BROWSING WINDOW.

With IE at the top left menu area click TOOLS – select IN PRIVATE BROWSING. Then you’re ready to go.

With Chrome at the top right area click the WRENCH – select NEW INCOGNITO WINDOW. There you are.

Private Browsing is important start using it today!

Using private browsing will keep your current files cached in your browser while you utilize the “private incognito browser” to check search results for you keywords that aren’t being polluted by what your browser has cached.

After all, what diligent business owner never visits their company website? We all visit our sites, or at least we should. The first time you search your keywords with private browsing on be ready to be shocked that your ranking in all likelihood will be much lower than you thought.