Web Design Prices

Before we quote a potential Louisville based client any web design prices we have to assess their industry and competitors to gauge the level of difficulty in ranking them in the top 3 first page on Google. As a business owner any positioning other than this would be a waste of your time and money. The real profit in Internet advertising for a business owner is in ranking top 3 on Google. We didn’t make this rule, but we play by it, and we play to win.

Web Design Prices

We do not build cookie cutter brochure style web sites like the yellow pages and vast majority of other web designers offer. We only build top performing web sites that are profitable for our Louisville area clients to own or lease. That’s it, nothing else. If you’re not in the market for a website that generates your company the added income that will pay for itself, then we would probably not be the company you need.

Web Design Prices for Lease Sites

We build and lease sites to some of our clients with web design prices starting around $250.00 per month up to $1500.00. Yes you read that correctly we have a Louisville web client that pays $1500.00 per month to lease a site. They are very serious about their business and find our lease to be very profitable or they wouldn’t be doing it. It’s all about cost vs value with them.

High performance websites naturally cost more than standard cookie cutter sites and leasing is a good way of avoiding the up front build out cost of a large site that works for multiple long tail key phrases. Another benefit of leasing a site is that the business owner is relieved of the responsibilities of maintaining and updating the site. Ranking and keeping a site in the top 3 spots of Google is no easy chore and it takes constant monitoring and promotion to achieve and maintain it. Since we started leasing sites in 2012 every customer that has ever leased one still has their lease, and that says a lot. Our lease sites return them a profit on their monthly investments and that is what a website should do. We do not do contracts with our lease customers. If for some reason they no longer want or need the site a simple phone call or email is all it takes to cancel.

Can Your Louisville Business Lease a Site From Us?

We do not lease sites to just any company. Your company should already be established with cash flow and be in good standing with the general public. Your company should also have a realistic advertising budget in place with goals and expectations.

Companies that we do not lease sites to or build sites for are gambling sites, porno sites, get rich quick sites, or any type of ponzi scheme. Also if you are a start up in all likelihood we would not lease you a site. It takes us over a year and a half to break even on our lease sites so we’re choosy about who we build them for. To see an example of one of our lease sites check out painterslouisville.com. This client has been with us almost 3 years and is due to have the have the entire site redone with a more modern responsive design soon.

Louisville Web Design

If you need web design prices please call us. We do stellar work and encourage you to follow the links on the right in the sidebar to our customer testimonials and case studies. If you decide that you would like to be quoted some Louisville web design prices just get a hold of us. It’s that easy!