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Keeping small business web design simple! KISS

We start by building your site on a Word Press Platform. The reasons for this are many!

WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday typing, and since then it’s found it’s way onto millions of websites as the base platform. Also it’s distributed under The GNU open source General Public License, or GPL for short.

Since it’s inception it’s grown and gotten bigger and better as a web platform and currently, there’s no end in site for it. Supported by a robust online community of like minded peers, singly, it was just the best choice out there for what small business’s need.

A premium WordPress theme designed for small business websites and top local search results

No wordpress site works without a theme and we did a lot of research before choosing and purchasing The SmallBiz WordPress Theme

  • SmallBiz has the best SEO capabilities. Google, Yahoo, and Bing Love it!
  • SmallBiz theme was designed for small business’s. Hence the name!
  • It comes mobile ready out of the box with touch enabled mobile pages.
  • It’s built to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Google places, and Youtube .
  • It’s fully customizable so there is a uniqueness to all sites built with it.
  • The technical support provided by the founder of SmallBiz Theme is top quality.
  • It intergrates with Google analytics, Webmaster tools, and Google maps. Talk about ready!
  • Did we mention that the search engines love it?

We hook your new website into 20 of the most popular search directories.

Starting with Google Local, Yahoo Local and Bing local.

Local directories are very important and so is how they’re setup, we incorporate them into every site we build as a standard feature. After all, if your a small business in Louisville, what’s the likelihood of your doing business in Hong Kong? Hardly none right? Look at it like this. Just because it’s the World Wide Web doesn’t mean you have to pay to advertise all over the whole world! That’s expensive! Keeping it simple and focused on the local market is what we do for you by building your small business website so that it’s findable for Louisville and Southern Indiana area residents.

So.. What are you waiting for? If you don’t get started you’ll never get there. Simple is Good!

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